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We can say this with pride: we have a green soul
Not by chance our site is populated by wonderful creatures that show off an enchanted beauty. We have chosen them because they are fascinating, powerful or fragile, of air of earth or water, very colorful, now iridescent and metallic, now dressed in a soft mantle.

We liked the idea of combining, in a dialogue that becomes union, the two faces of color: on one side the spectacular and spontaneous nature shades, on the other the artificial colors, the synthetic color that uses the most innovative technologies  to reach the level of perfection of our land.

Here, we want it to be a dialogue, a meeting.
For this reason, at Decò Style we have a complete respect for nature and we are committed to guaranteeing a non-polluting production that has the lowest possible environmental impact, without neglecting the care for the living and working conditions of our employees.

We pay attention to all aspects of our production line to ensure a correct life cycle of the products, from the choice of raw materials to the most environmentally friendly processing, up to the use of recycled packaging materials.
To make our headquarters even greener we have just defined the project of a new plant with the latest generation of solar panels and a tank for collecting and reusing rainwater.
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We can thus outlineour environmental policy:
•  careful selection of raw materials;
•  investment in the most ecological production systems;
•  recovery of processing waste;
•  correct waste management;
•  no use of toxic or highly harmful substances;
•  monitoring of emissions into the atmosphere:
•  maximum use of water-based emulsions;
•  use of renewable energy sources;
•  purchase of packaging materials and ecological packaging;
•  purchase of ecological stationery and work clothes.