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Speaking about paints leads the thought to the world of painting, to the application of layers of color to renew, to restructure, to decorate or to hide. Rarely we thought of the world of protection.


The new challenge we are facing is absolutely this: use highly specialized paints specifically formulated for functional purposes, to protect the coated elements as if they were 'wearing' a coat. This is the meaning of coating.


Until now we have developed two innovative lines that are already in the production phase - ECO-TECH and POD-TECH - and we are working on new products capable of further extending the paint application field.


It is an innovative protective coating technique to be applied to objects before they undergo a galvanic bath, in order to save the deposition of valuable material in areas that  can't be metallized.

It is a unique product of its kind and specifically formulated to withstand:
• thermal shocks
• ultrasonic vibrations
• passage of current flow
• aggression from acids and cyanides
• immersion in liquids


The Pod-Tech line offers specific paints for protection and packaging - with high functional performance and a very low environmental impact - without aesthetic purposes, but useful for preserving objects during transport, during mechanical assembly processes or as an insulator from atmospheric agents.

The paint we have developed is sprayed on the object to be protected and creates an elastic surface on it that adapts perfectly to its shape and, by drying, creates a non-aggressive protective film.
It is an innovative product because:
•  it is applicable to any material, also of organic origin
•  doesn't attack the support in accordance with it's basic PH
•  is composed of recycled water-based polymers

The film that is generated:
•  is resistant to shocks and scratches
•  can be removed easily
•  can be overprinted
•  doesn't have to be disposed of as special waste
•  it is recyclable again


PECVD - plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition - is a plasma-based process used to deposit thin films in the form of vapor on a surface, creating an invisible barrier-like coating. By modifyng the process parameters and mixing the gases containing the element to be deposited in different ways, it is possible to obtain various surface characteristics which differ from the originals of the treated product. In fact, products are obtained that maintain the mechanical and physical qualities unchanged, but that have a different possibility of interacting with the surrounding matter.

The qualities of the final coating (coating) make PECVD a useful process in many fields of application, ranging from the nautical sector to construction, from painting to chroming of small and large objects:

•  flexibility of the film
•  strong adhesion with the substrate
•  impact resistance
•  protection against corrosion
•  gas barrier
•  anti-scratch and anti-wear
•  water repellency
•  transparency